What is Spiritual Direction?


Also known as "spiritual companionship," "soul friendship" and "spiritual guidance," spiritual direction is an ancient type of focused pastoral care where one person accompanies another to discern together the presence and activity of God in the directee's life.


One-with-one Spiritual direction

Deepen your awareness of how God is present and active in your life through one-with-one spiritual direction.

  • Monthly one-hour sessions
  • A safe, welcoming, and prayerful space
  • A time for reflection on life's experiences
  • A place to struggle and be real about the hard questions of faith
  • An opportunity to grow in your awareness of God's presence

transforming community

Transforming Community is a formation and training program in group spiritual direction.

What will participants experience?

  • Small group spiritual direction
  • Deeper levels of conversation
  • A safe space to be truly heard, known, and loved
  • Authentic spiritual community
  • A deeper sense of God's presence