8-month certificate in spiritual direction

If you are interested in advanced formation and training in the ministry of spiritual direction, the Institute for Christian Spirituality offers an 8-month certificate program.


Who is this formational experience and training for?


For all who want to accompany others in discerning the presence and work of God in their lives, and who want to become more aware and responsive themselves. All types of leaders and pastoral care-givers are welcome.

How will this help me?

You will become an excellent listener. You will learn to facilitate quality, life-changing conversations. You will become adept in discerning the gracious activity of the Triune God – Father, Son, and Spirit – in your life and the lives of those with whom you journey. Most of all, you will be deepened, growing in love for God, others and yourself.

How will this help my church?

Many leave the church because they feel deeply disconnected. It’s not because they quit believing in God (although some eventually do). They often walk away from church because they are basically unknown, like sheep without a shepherd. Their stories go unheard, their questions unanswered, their longings unaffirmed and their wonderings unprocessed. More personal than preaching, Sunday school classes, and small group meetings, spiritual direction provides safe, one-on-one assistance to others on their journey with God. Providing the ministry of spiritual direction will expand your church’s ministry of pastoral care, helping others become more aware and even enjoy their relationship with God.

There are currently two locations: Nashville, TN and Memphis, TN.

We hope to begin offering a third location right here in Tyler, TX in 2018.


Watch this video to learn more: