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I worked in full-time church ministry for 20 years, specializing in Christian spiritual formation and offering spiritual direction for almost 10 years.

I hold a Doctor of Ministry degree in Missional and Spiritual Formation from Lipscomb University with an emphasis on spiritual direction in the local church.

I also hold certifications in spiritual direction and contemplative leadership from the Institute for Christian Spirituality in Nashville, TN, and the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C.

I offer one-with-one spiritual direction, training in group spiritual direction, facilitate contemplative prayer groups and retreats, and I am an adjunct teacher and spiritual direction cohort facilitator with the Institute for Christian Spirituality in Nashville, TN.

My family and I live in Tyler, Texas.


Ecumenical & Interfaith

As a Christ-follower, I am Trinitarian. In the Christian tradition, God is revealed as Father, Son and Spirit. However, the form of spiritual direction I offer is open to all who seek a deeper relationship with God, regardless of their particular religious beliefs. God is the true director, and my role is to help directees pay attention to the voice and movement of God in their lives.

At the same time, I bring certain theological assumptions to the director-directee relationship, many of which are shared among the major world religions. Above all, I trust that God is love, God desires a relationship with us, God is nearer to us than our own breath, and God cares about human flourishing. These assumptions shape how I am present to and engage with all directees.